Atlas Farm - Certified Organic Produce

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About Us

Atlas Farm is a small family farm located in Western Massachusetts. The farm was started in 2004 on a small piece of land in Montague, Mass. In 2006, we were fortunate to find farmland for sale across the river in Deerfield. Since that time, the River Road neighborhood along the Connecticut River has become our home base. We recently expanded with additional acreage in South Deerfield adjacent to our new farm store bringing our total land base to 95 acres.

We harvest from our fields every day from May through November and market our produce to wholesale customers, including grocery stores, produce distributors and restaurants. In addition, we sell directly to consumers at farmers markets throughout Massachusetts and at the Atlas Farm Store in South Deerfield. To extend our season, we grow greens in greenhouses throughout the winter, and offer storage crops through the end of March for wholesale and retail sale.

Beyond the word "organic," our farm is dedicated to producing food in a way that will maintain biological diversity, support natural ecosystems, and keep the land productive for future generations.

Our goal is to minimize the impact of the farm on the surrounding ecosystem. For these reasons, we add fertility to our fields by cover cropping and using organic, naturally occurring fertilizers.

We manage pests by implementing crop rotation techniques and cultivar selection, and use organic pesticides only as a last resort. We strive to be efficient in our use of fossil fuels and are constantly trying new approaches and innovations in the interest of producing less waste. Ultimately, our goal is to be a 100% bio/solar powered farm. Currently we use corn-burning stoves to heat our greenhouses. In the spring of 2012, we installed a 24kw photovoltaic system on our main barn and are now producing almost 3/4 of our own energy.

Each year, we are fortunate to find great people to incorporate into our farm and market crews. We accept applications throughout the year.

Please see the employment page for more info, or email Gideon.