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Applicants for all of our positions should be hard-working, reliable, self-motivated, have a valid driver’s license and their own transportation. Farm work is fun and rewarding but also very physically demanding. Applicants should have the desire to work outside even in adverse weather and be able to work early in the morning and for long hours during the main growing season. We pride ourselves on the amazing crew we have here at the farm. We work very hard and focus on efficiency, but also foster a great work environment where people are engaged in their work, enjoy their co-workers, and take pride in an exceptional finished product. Most of our crew have been with us for many years and we are always looking for more talented individuals to join our team.

Positions currently available:

Farmers Market Assistant (Deerfield)

This Deerfield-based position is focused on supporting the Farmers Market Manager in managing our farm’s presence at The Copley Square Farmers Market in Boston. The Farmers Market Assistant works at the main farm in Deerfield on Mondays and Thursdays to prepare for the market, and at the Boston market stand on Tuesdays and Fridays. (Having Wednesdays and weekends off is a desirable schedule for many of our farm/retail employees!) This is a full-time, seasonal position requiring 50-60 hours/week during the farmers market season (May through November). Work opportunity for the off-season (December-April) may be available. Compensation for this position is commensurate with experience.

 The Farmers Market Assistant position is well-suited to applicants with some work experience in both farming and retail, and a strong interest in learning more about the production and marketing of organic produce. Applicants must possess excellent communication skills and be comfortable giving and taking direction in a fast-paced work environment. Excellent customer service skills are required for this position — applicants must be personable, patient, and passionate about organic agriculture and “eating local.” 

 Duties at the farm include assisting with the morning harvest, organizing farmers market supplies, and some marketing and administrative work such as making signs and keeping accurate records. On farmers market days, the Farmers Market Assistant works alongside other market staff to load and unload the farm truck, make the drive between Deerfield and Boston, set up and break down the market stand, manage produce displays, and assist customers.

 Like other farm jobs, this position can be physically and mentally demanding. The farm crew generally begins work at 6am; for the Farmers Market Assistant, farm days are 10-12 hours long, and market days are around 16 hours. Applicants must be able to work efficiently with minimal breaks, maintain a good attitude in all weather conditions, stand for extended periods, and lift 50 pounds.

 To apply for this position, send a cover letter and current resume to Sarah at

Packinghouse Assistant

The Packinghouse Assistant works with the Packinghouse Manager in all post-harvest operations including processing, grading, and packing produce; as well as the loading and delivery of wholesale orders. Like most jobs on the farm, the intensity of this position has a certain seasonality, with the high season being from May through January and the lower season being from February through April. Throughout the year, but especially during the lower season, the packing house assistant may also assist in the other aspects of the farm including greenhouse production, field production, farmers markets and farm store work. However, the following job description represents the priorities for this position and will constitute the great majority of the work for this person on the farm.

General responsibilities:

  • Assisting in all post-harvest operations
  • Transporting produce from the field to the packinghouse
  • Processing and packing produce including hydro cooling, washing, grading, and packing produce.
  • Preparing orders for delivery.
  • Delivering produce to wholesale customers, and well as picking up supplies etc. needed for the farm.
  • Transportation of produce to and from offsite storage facility.
  • Maintaining harvest equipment including totes and harvesting implements
  • Maintaining packinghouse equipment including walk-in coolers, hydro cooler, brusher washer, barrel washer, pallet jacks, and various washing and packing equipment
  • Packing house organization and cleanliness including wash area, pallet and tote storage, crop storage
  • Maintaining harvest and wholesale records
  • Communication with wholesale customers and suppliers.
  • Monitoring inventory of tools and equipment and ordering as necessary.
  • Preparing invoices for wholesale customers.

Estimated hours ;
June-January 45-60/wk
January-May 30-40/wk

Compensation: Competitive wage commensurate with experience.

To apply, please submit a resume and a cover letter detailing previous work experience and how you believe you could excel in this position to

Farm Store Clerk

The farm store clerk is a year round position requiring 30-40 hours/week during our main season from April - November with slightly reduced hours through the winter months. Duties include daily operating tasks at the store including opening and closing shifts, receiving inventory, maintaining produce displays, interacting with customers, maintaining a clean and orderly environment, and coordinating activities with the farm store manager. The ideal applicant will have experience in agriculture, customer service, and retail sales; familiarity with fresh produce, strong communication skills, computer literacy, a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Excellent people skills are a must: friendliness, patience, and a desire to engage and educate customers about our produce. On-farm work experience and creative skills such as sign making are also desired. Applicants must be able to lift 50 lbs. and stand for extended periods.

Compensation for this position is commensurate with experience. To apply, please submit a cover letter explaining your background and interest in the position along with a current resume to

Field Production Assistant and Equipment Operator

The Field Production Assistant and Equipment Operator position is focused on vegetable crop production including field preparation, planting, cultivation, pest and disease control, and other production practices. This position is heavily centered on equipment work and applicants should have a minimum of 2 years experience operating tractors and other farm equipment and a knowledge of vegetable production practices in New England. Applicants should also have an aptitude for record keeping, calculating for fertilizer and pest control applications, and trouble shooting and maintaining equipment. The Field Production Assistant works very closely with the farm owner and the rest of the farm management staff and should have strong communication skills, attention to detail, ability to multi-task and ability to adapt quickly to the ever changing farm environment. This is a year-round position requiring up to 60 hours per week during the main season of April-November and decreasing to 20-30 hours per week from December-March. Candidates for this position should be interested in long-term employment and an opportunity to advance in our farm management team. To apply, please submit a detailed cover letter explaining your background and interest in the position along with a current resume to Compensation for this position is commensurate with experience.

Field Production Manager

The field production manager works very closely with the farm owner and other management staff in daily farm operations and is a senior management position at the farm. The position is heavily focused on field production, but also involves work in greenhouse production, post-harvest activities, building and equipment repair and maintenance, employee relations, and other tasks. The field production manager is “second in command” to the farm owner and, as such, is involved in many aspects of farm management. Applicants should have a very strong background in vegetable production including equipment work, plant nutrition, pest management, season extension, irrigation, greenhouse production, and harvest and post-harvest activities. Applicants should also have experience managing employees in a farm setting and familiarity with farm carpentry, wiring, plumbing, and farm mechanics. Some experience in retail and wholesale marketing is also desired. This is a full-time, year round position requiring 60+ hours/week during the main field production season from April – November and fewer hours during the slower winter months from December – March. We are seeking an applicant with a desire for long-term employment and the potential to move into a business partnership role over time. This job is well suited to a young grower who has worked on other vegetable farms in production and management roles and is ready for the task of overall farm management. The position offers a competitive salary and benefits based on experience level. To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing previous work experience and how you believe you could excel in this position to Extensive training is possible for the right candidate.

Wholesale Manager

The wholesale manager is a critical link in the production system of the farm. Growing the crop is only one part of the work that we do. Managing the process from harvest to market is equally as important as crop production to the overall viability of the farm. This position is a full-time, year-round management position on the farm and is one of the more public positions in our organization.  Duties include: assessing crop availability and communicating with wholesale customers via phone and email; compiling orders and creating invoices; coordinating harvests with crew leaders and other farm management; managing all crop packing in our main packing house and managing a packing house crew of 3-10 people and a full time assistant; maintaining all packing house supplies and equipment including walk-in coolers and off-site crop storage; and coordinating all deliveries and pick-ups including supervising one full-time delivery driver. This position requires strong organizational skills, experience in handling produce in a wholesale environment (specifically vegetable crops), strong management skills, and excellent communication skills. This is a year-round position requiring up to 60 hours per week during the main season (May-January) decreasing to 30 hours per week during the slower season (February-April) and is well-suited to someone looking for a job with long-term potential. Compensation is commensurate with experience. For a full job description and to apply, please email a cover letter and resume to