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Market Share FAQs

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We offer three different buying options:

$90 provides $100 worth of credit
$250 provides $300 worth of credit
$500 provides $625 worth of credit

Refer your friends to earn additional credit! You can refer up to 5 members to the Market Share Program and receive an additional $10 worth of credit for every friend who registers. Just ask your friends to mention your name when they sign up and we will add the extra credit to your market share!

Q: How do I become a Market Share member?

A: If you are a first-time member to the program, you will be able to register on-line and a card will be sent to you in the mail. Alternatively, you may purchase a share in person at our Farm Store or at any of our Farmers' Market locations and we will provide you with a credited card right then and there.

Q: When will I receive my card?

A: Once we receive your payment, we will mail your card to you within one week.

Q: How do I purchase more credit?

A: You may send a check to our office, and we will email you when your balance is updated - or you can present us with a check, cash or credit card at the Farm Store or at any of our Farmers' Market locations.

Q: Is my Market Share refundable?

A: No. However, the credit on your card is valid for 7 years from the date purchased.

Q: What can I buy with my account?

A: Anything you want! The Market Share offers savings similar to that of a CSA, but provides you with the freedom to shop for what you need, when you want. The store will stock all of our delicious organic vegetables -picked daily, as well as local fruit, cheese, bread, ice cream, maple syrup, grains, eggs, meat and more...

Q: What do I need to use my Market Share?

A: In order to use your credit, you must have the card present. We will no longer be recording your balance on paper. If you lose your card, please contact Jane, our office manager, and she will issue you a new card.

Q: What if I lose my card?

A: When you purchase your card, the information you provide on our website allows us to keep a record of your card number linked to your name. By providing us with your info, we will be able to access your account information and issue you a new card in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Q: Can I sign up with a friend?

A: We will only issue one card per account. If you are going to split the cost with a friend, we ask that you share the card.

For more information, feel free to email the farm store with any questions.